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rganisations:  Centres and Associations

Links to Research Centres and Institutes:

Institute of Studies of Complexity and Systems Thinking - São Paulo, Brazil.

This is a group of individuals ....

The Harvard Graduate School of Education Dynamic Development Lab - Boston, MA

This laboratory houses the Dynamic Development Research Group (DDRG) which is organized and directed by Professor Kurt Fischer.  The laboratory focuses on (pasted from their website):

The general goal of work in the Dynamic Development Laboratory (DDL) is to explain change in the organization of behavior, whether it arises from cognitive development, learning, context, emotional state, social interaction, neural-network reorganization, or other factors.

The Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence

These are the people behind the journal Emergence.

From their website:  The Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence is a non-profit research institution located in Boston and the Netherlands. Our mission is to promote pragmatic dialogue concerning the areas of networking, emergence, and complexity studies with the aim of assisting practicing managers in the complex task of managing. We are assisted by a consortium of professionals drawn from industry, academia, management consulting, and the non-profit sector.

The Chaos Center at the Visual Math Institute

There are some REALLY NICE schematics here on the history and background to chaos and complexity theories.

Pari Center for New Learning

There are a number of full text chaos/complexity papers written by David Peat here - all on social issues.

MIT System Dynamics Group


Centre for Systemic Development

This centre is housed by the University of Western Sydney. The centre defines systemic development as (pasted from their website): an approach to change which combines looking and thinking differently about the complex inter-relationships between people, their environments and the technologies they use, with different ways of dealing and coping with them. The website includes information on their research, staff, publications and much more.


Links to Associations and Conferences:

The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences

The website has information on the Society’s journal, conferences, mailing list, tutorials, data library, member’s publications, and much more.  The general focus of the Society is interdisciplinary, but largely quantitative.

Complex Systems and Sports Conference, Sept. 14 and 15, 2001, in Barcelona, Spain.  This conference was cancelled, but the link is included because it may contain valuable leads for anyone interested in this particular topic.


Chaos and Complexity Theory SIG of the American Educational Research Association. This webpage offers updates on the SIGs activities, including activities on conferences, a newsletter.  The website also has a listing of relevant links to other websites (but there is nothing very original on this list of links).


Serendip: Complex Systems Page

This page has some original papers on complexity (non-refereed) and includes discussion of the relation between complexity and education. See also their 10 suggested insights from complex systems; these include some links to other sites where the relevant insight is illustrated by some online java type game or another.